“I love shopping for old things that need new life put back into them,” Sherri Combs shares.  “I got started doing this by buying things for my own home, and then my family and friends started buying things right out of my home, and I decided to create artistic home décor for fun.”  Sherri’s business, “Just for The Fun of It!” keeps her busy as she takes old windows and cleans them up and paints the frames or sometimes just seals them to keep the rustic look.  “I can put names and most any sayings on them with paint and/or decals.”

Sherri also likes to take old beat-up furniture that appears lifeless and repairs it to look fabulous again.  “I prefer painting them with chalk paint just like what would have been used in that day and age.”  Sherri also keeps busy with her six-year-old granddaughter who loves to do create art with her.

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