dimplesSara Jayne, founder of Dimples Dyes, has been producing quality 100% hand dyed products since 2002.  She uses the finest dyes available, procion (fiber reactive) dyes, on exceptional quality cotton, bamboo, rayon and hemp.  All items are ready to wear, with no special instructions to follow; just wash with your other clothes!  The product is colorfast and preshrunk.  Every piece gets three rounds of hot, hot laundering before it even reaches your hands.

“I’m an energetic twenty-something American traveler, with a sweet addiction to creating wearable art,” Sara says.  “My family is the number 1 most important thing in my life, and I love spending time with my biological and my chosen family.  They inspired me to turn my hobby of tie dying into a business.”  Check out more of Sara’s products at www.dimplesdyes.com.

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