“Through the years, I have faced many challenges in life and found that I am able to better express myself through my acrylic pours rather than any other art style I’ve used,” says Kristi Palmer.  “Like 20% of our American population, I have  a mental illness and being able to convey my moods, emotions, good days and bad days through my work appeals to others who need that tangible expression of what they are feeling as well.  Many admirers of my work tell me how a particular piece spoke to them based on what they are experiencing in their life too.”

As you see, Kristi creates everything from journals to wall canvases to jewelry to home decor.  She loves the positive impact her creations add to Studio on 6th, AND so do we.  She also takes custom orders for customers and is able to convey the moods and emotions they desire in the finished pieces.

“Most importantly, I’m mom to an awesome young man who is a professional photographer in Decatur and a Sociology/Psychology professor at Richland Community College!” she says.


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