Judy Mogle of Stir & Serve Woodenware creates spoons and miscellaneous utensils from blocks of wood, with her favorite being birch.  “I start with a length & width outline and a profile in mind,” she says.  “Then, with mallet & chisel, band saw, rotary tools, lots of sandpaper and elbow grease, I transform the wood into a practical kitchen tool.”

While raising four children, Judy worked for the State of Illinois EPA and retired 11 years ago.  For about 20 years, mastering leather carving was her creative outlet.  “I then switched to a centuries-old European form of wood engraving which is called ‘chip carving’ in the U.S. and stayed with that until a year ago when I began making spoons,” she says.  “Being creative has always been nourishment to my spirit.”

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