IMG_3585“I am a Christian wife, mother, grandmother and children’s author,” Jody says.  “My belief is if you read to children when they are younger, they will experience the joy of reading and will carry it on to future generations . . . ”

Each of Jody’s books has a life lesson in it.  The illustrator, Robin Timm, is a dear friend of Jody’s, “and she is as talented as she is sweet,” she adds.  Jody’s books are written for children from age 3–4 through 9.  “Older children like the storyline as well,” she says.

“My writing dreams started at an early age; it just took me a while to step out and fly!” she continues.  “It is always wonderful to sit down and read to a child, the interaction is such a sweet blessing.”  Jody lives in the country with her husband and two dogs–Maggie and Mollie and cat Mimi.


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