“I am an old soul with a taste for the dramatic,” Catherine says in describing her seed bead artistry.  “I relish the days when women used to get dressed up in their fancy hats and fine jewelry to go out on the town . . . Those were the days . . . I try to capture the elegance and fine taste of those days.”

Each piece of Catherine’s beaded jewelry is a stand alone piece of art.  “I never create two alike pieces,” she says.  “The cabochons I use were turned by my husband’s grandmother back in the 70’s and 80’s and are of semi-precious stones, many of which are coming hard to find this quality of stone today.”

Catherine works from home so she can care for her grandmother as she turned 90 years old this year.  “I also make Native American dance wear and home décor,” Catherine adds.  “Custom orders are my favorite thing to do as I get to work closely with my customers and give them exactly what they want.”

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